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There are infinite possibilities with ceramics - choices on the type of clay and glaze, the temperature you want to fire to and the many ways you can alter your form.  I find it a challenge to balance the desire to try new things with the desire to have a coherent and cohesive body of work. 

While many artists have a clear "style", I have begun to refine my own vision for my work into distinct themes - each reflecting a different inspiration or "vibe".   I would love to say that this approach was the result of a purposeful plan on my part but in reality - this idea began to form as I looked back at what I have been making and reflected on what themes I saw and how these themes connected to each other - and to my own life.   

Flow - A rich mixture of glazes that melt together and combine in many different ways that is never exactly the same speaks to the need to "go with the flow" and enjoy the happy surprises that combining new ideas can bring

Vibrancy - The combination of rich, bright colors with some raw, natural clay brings to mind energy and excitement, and a bit of fun.  

Strength - Clay that looks like it is granite represents solidity and strength - a sense of permanence

Simplicity - Rich chocolate clay combined with a white glaze is then used with carving or wax resist to create visual and tactile interest, reminding me that simplicity can bring serenity

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