When I first started making pots, I tried everything - different types of forms, shapes, clay types and colors.  Over time, I have begun to find "my style".   As I reflect on where that style is today, I find that I am drawing inspiration from nature in a few ways:



When I was young, my family had property on a lake in Michigan.  I looked forward to our visits there every summer where I spent hours in the clear, blue waters.   As an adult, I continue to be drawn to the water from the beaches and surf in California or North Carolina to the lush waterfalls of Costa Rice.  I finally became SCUBA certified so I could truly immerse myself in the underwater world.   So it should not be surprising that much of my work reflects the beauty I see on and under the water.


On a trip to Arizona several years ago, I fell in love with the stark landscape there - so much so that we decided to buy a home there for when we retired.   We are in the process of making that move happen now.  I am beginning to bring in the tans, browns and reds - and the subtle greens - of the Arizona desert into some of my work as well.

Not all of my work comes from these inspirations and I experiment with new colors and ideas, but I keep coming back to colors that reflect places that bring me joy.   I hope that you find this too!