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The journey begins

Most people who know me would likely describe me as an organized, driven business leader.  From my education in the sciences in school to my career as a management consultant, I have had a passion for using data and numbers.  I most definitely never considered myself to be creative or artistic.   As a matter of fact, the only class I truly disliked in high school was the art class my mother made me take!

I have, however, truly appreciated art and have been drawn to art shows - especially to see functional pottery.  One day, I decided to take a pottery class to see what it would be like to create.  From the very first class, I was hooked.  My pots were wonky and I had so many flops and mistakes - yet I could not wait to spend time at the wheel.  An obsession was born.  Despite the many frustrations that come with this craft (I will write about these in future blogs), it brings me such joy to create.  And I learned that a creativity did reside in me - it just took the right inspiration to bring it out.

Soon enough, I was trying to find ways to squeeze in more and more time at the wheel and finally put a studio in my home.  Friends and family received pots for birthdays, holiday and "just because" - and encouraged me to continue building my skills (despite some surprise at the creative streak I was showing!).

I am now starting on the next stage of my journey - forming a business and selling my work.   It is a terrifying step to put work out there where others will judge it's value.   I am more intimidated by this than I was in proposing major corporate transformations in my career as a management consultant.   Yet I learned in my career (and from Brene Brown) that true growth does not come without risk and vulnerability and so I am venturing forward.   


Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me and for sharing your feedback and ideas - and any encouragement you have!

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