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Balance when building a business

I started building my pottery business 3 years ago as I retired from a full time consulting gig. My goal at this stage in life was to create a new balance in my life that would allow me to follow my passions. Yes - creating pottery is one of those passions. But I have many more - scuba diving, foster for a dog rescue, spending time with family and friends. As you might imagine, it is a balancing act to balance all of the things I want to do with building my pottery business. To be able to do both, I have put some guardrails around what I will - and will not do.

For example - I have only done shows in the fall. By focusing my production and my sales in a 3 month period, I am able to use the rest of my time to explore new ideas and to pursue other passions. Other trade-offs are choices to limit my online sales and my social media presence. These decisions may mean that I will not grow as quickly (or at all) but it is worth it. I get to spend much of my year experimenting with my clay work and doing many things that bring me joy. As a result, I am so excited and inspired to gear up production and bring my new work into the world.

It takes some deliberate choices to follow this path. There is no perfect path. And at times, I feel conflicted about my choices. Should I be trying to grow the business? What if I pursued ceramics full time? Am I letting customers down? But I try to focus on creating a LIFE that then allows me to put energy and joy into everything I create. I hope that this comes thru in the work.

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