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Evolving my style

When I started making ceramics, none of my pots matched. I spent several years just trying different things - and this helped me learn and grow. I hesitated to settle on just one "thing" - style, color, form, etc. Some potters do this and I love their work. But I was never able to.

So, as some of you know, I instead created several "lines", which has allowed me to explore and make very different work but to give it some structure and organization. And this has been great for the past 3 years. But some of being an artist, is to work outside of a structure - to evolve and grow in a way that may or may not fit within the boundaries that I created in the past.

The consultant in my (and she is still there!) has been looking for a way to fit my new work into the structure I had created. And most of it could fit. But what about the items that I may not make anymore? How do I want to define my work so that it allows for this evolution but makes it simple to understand that style?

I don't have a clear answer but I do know that my work and style has evolved to a point that I need to rethink how I describe my work and how I show it. Updates to my website will be coming as I figure it out.

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