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Pursuing your passion - it is never too late

I had a career in business for over 30 years - the last 20 as a consultant advising other businesses. My career was built on using organizational and analytical skills to help businesses be successful. It was an intense career that involved travelling all over the US - and sometimes the globe. And at the same time, my husband and I raised three amazing kids (and I am not biased at all). I poured all my energy and passion into work and home - and time flew by quickly. There were days when I was lucky to find 5 minutes to myself - but I loved the craziness of it all.

One day I realized that my kids were growing quickly and leaving for college and to start careers and I suddenly had time available to focus on myself - but no idea what I wanted to do. I set a goal to explore new experiences that had always intrigued me. The first thing I tried was scuba diving - and I got certified at 52! Some of the students in my class called me "Mama Scuba" as I was certainly old enough to be mom to all of them! I did not let that stop me and in just 3 years I made over 100 dives. I fell in love with the peaceful underwater world - it was a great antidote to the crazy pace of my life. I realized that it is never to late to learn and to follow a passion - and I began to think about what else I should try when a friend started to share her experience with taking classes at a nearby community art center. I thought, "Why not?" I have never thought of myself as "creative" but what did I have to lose. had no idea that this one small thing would have such a profound impact.

Despite finding that I was not really a natural at clay (not a shock), something in me was sparked by totally immersing myself in the experience. The 3 hour class just flew by and I found myself going into the studio whenever I could find the time. Just like with SCUBA, I was certainly not the youngest person at the wheel but it did not really matter - I was there to learn and grow. I not only learned about making pots - I also began to learn how to "let go" (something I am not very good at!), to appreciate the process of creating as much as the outcome, and many other life lessons (that is a subject for another blog). And over the past few years, I set up a home studio and started searching for videos on Youtube so I could get more practice and continue to grow my skills - and my collection of pots started to grow. I gave pots away to almost anyone who looked twice at them - just to make sure I had room to make more. Slowly, I began to believe that this hobby could grow into something more.

So here I am, taking the first step in sharing my work with a broader community. It is absolutely terrifying. But it is also exhilarating. Here I am in my (ahem) "mid-50s", embarking on a new phase in my person and professional life. Who knows where this may lead but I do know that I will not regret the learning I will glean from the journey!

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